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Cleaning, conditioning and protecting your leather are vitally important when it comes to preventing premature aging, which can be irreversible. Deterioration of your fine leather is caused by dirt, oil from your skin, sweat, lotions, accidental spills and the harsh UV rays from the sun.Many think that leather cleaning is optional and if it doesn’t look dirty, there is no need to clean prior to conditioning and protecting.This is not true! Cleaning prior to conditioning is very important when maintaining the look and feel of your leather interior. Even if you don't see dirt, your leather can be loaded with oils, lotions and sweat from your skin which can be extremely damaging to your leather.

How often you clean your leather interior depends on how often you drive as well as environmental conditions. If you live in a hot area and wear shorts, skirts and sleeveless shirts, you will need to clean it more often as your skin has more contact with the surface. Warmer areas also lead to more damage from UV rays and heat. As a guide, under normal driving conditions you should clean and condition your leather at least 3 times per year, but more often if needed.

A common misconception in leather care is that light colored leather needs to be cleaned more frequently than dark leather.  This is false - dark colored leather gets just as dirty as lighter colors but you just can’t see it as well, so make sure you stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Your leather care should be done on the same schedule as maintaining your paint protection.