Our Story

Sonus has been producing premium auto detailing products for discerning car owners since 2001. Sonus has a product for every purpose. Each product has been formulated for a specialized auto detailing purpose, with a specific surface in mind.

In 2007, David Ostroff, co-founder of Sonus Car Care, teamed up with formulator Rick Vaal and businessman Sam Lankford (both car enthusiasts), and set out to create the highest-quality car care products on the market.

The company began as “Four Star Products,” and it didn’t take long for word to spread about this new manufacturer with cutting-edge formulations.

As other finish care brands began purchasing formulations from them, Four Star Products renamed the manufacturing division of its company to “The Lab Zone.”

The goal was simple: Formulate and produce the best finish care products in the world. How do we define “the best?” It means the products are eco-friendly, easy-to-use, with reduced application times and longer lasting results — all made in the USA.

The Lab Zone grew quickly and soon had a reputation for making the most effective private label products in the world.

Our Breakthrough


In 2006, the company patented and introduced a chemical additive like none ever seen before in the industry, PolyCharger, a revolutionary wax, polish, and protectant additive that improved the quality, effectiveness and longevity of every product… even those from competitors.

PolyCharger instantly made each product longer lasting and more resilient. When PolyCharger was added to the company’s premium performance products, the results were astounding, taking a fraction of the time to apply and leaving protection that could last an entire season. PolyCharger received rave reviews from customers and industry professionals alike. The next logical step was to create a new brand of which would focus on products featuring this incredible new additive. The result was the Sonus line of products with PolyCharger, which were significantly superior and clearly different from all other products on the market. The Sonus product line was born.

Our Home


We’re proud to be a USA manufacturer. Since 1989, we’ve been formulating, manufacturing and distributing out of our facility in Bradenton, Florida.

Few consumers are aware that most car care products on the market today are offered by brand name companies, who purchase their products from other manufacturers, then simply provide their own labels and market the product as their own. Many of these products are manufactured abroad in China or other countries.

Sonus products are ecofriendly and proudly made in the USA!