Sonus Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Bundle 8 oz. Bottles

Sonus Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Bundle 8 oz. Bottles

Part Number : SON-600-610
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  • Gently cleans without drying fine leather and vinyl upholstery
  • Provides protective polymer coating for all leather and imitation leather upholstery
  • Rich emulsion contains natural oils that are readily absorbed by leather to keep it hydrated, supple and in like-new condition
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for durable, long-lasting protection


Sonus Leather Care Bundle is the most effective leather conditioner for cleaning and protecting pigmented and aniline leather and imitation leather finishes.

Kit Content

  • Sonus Leather Cleaner 8 oz.
  • Sonus Leather Conditioner 8 oz.
  • Sonus Ion Foam 4.5′ x 1′ Round Red Applicator
  • Microfiber Applicator
  • Remove all loose dirt by vacuuming.
  • For best results, apply Sonus Leather Cleaner using the yellow “scrubbing” side of a Sonus SFX Pro-Applicator or a foam applicator.
  • Apply Sonus Leather & Vinyl Cleaner to your foam applicator and work in to a small area of leather or vinyl at a time.
  • The rich cleaning formula will soften soil so it can be gently wiped away with a clean microfiber detailing towel.
  • Wipe away excess cleaner before it dries.
  • Stubborn stains may require agitation with a soft brush.
  • Rinsing with water is not necessary.
  • Allow leather to dry for 30 minutes then apply Sonus Leather Conditioner.
  • Shake Sonus Leather Conditioner well before use.
  • For best results, apply using the black "soft" side of a Sonus SFX Pro-Applicator or a soft foam applicator.
  • Wipe on using an overlapping circular pattern.
  • Allow to dry 15 minutes before use.
Note: Do not use on suede or nubuck.
  • Pigmented and aniline leather
  • Imitation leather
  • Vinyl and leather upholstery
Product Weights(lbs) Product Height Product Width Product Depth Case Weights(lbs) Case Height Case Width Case Depth
1.9 6.75” 4” 3.5” 14.5 11” 7.25” 9.87”


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