Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel 16.9 oz Bottle

Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel 16.9 oz Bottle

Part Number : SON-730-8
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  • Provides thick and rich gel dressing without the greasy look
  • German polymer technology; longer lasting protection
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for durable, long-lasting protection


Sonus Tire & Bumper Gel is a premium dressing gel that quickly penetrates rubber trim and provides hydration and long-lasting protection. Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel is a premium gel dressing that does not look greasy and won’t sling off your tires onto the side of your freshly waxed car. This unique formula quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires to hydrate and provide lasting protection! Use one, two or three coats to go from matte to full-gloss. Use Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel on your window and door seals to keep them supple and prevent cracking. Don’t forget to treat your wiper blades too! Dry rubber is the number one cause of wiper blade failure (streaking, squeaking and skipping) is dry rubber. When used monthly, Sonus Tire & Bumper Dressing Gel keeps wiper blades in perfect condition.
  • Use on all exterior plastics and rubber.
  • For best results, apply to a cool, dry, clean surface using a foam or microfiber applicator.
  • Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes on plastic moldings.
  • Buff off excess using a clean microfiber towel.
  • Apply a second coat if necessary or desired to achieve a darker, richer finish.
  • Follow up with Sonus Total Eclipe to protect rubber to prevent sun fading and enhances the natural looking finish.

Note: Creates a slippery surface, do not use on pedals, seats, floor mats, or on tire tread. Not recommended for motorcycle tires.

  • Rubber trim
  • Tires
  • Bumper trim
  • Window and door seals
  • Wiper blades
  • Rubber and plastic
Product Weights(lbs) Product Height Product Width Product Depth Case Weights(lbs) Case Height Case Width Case Depth
1.1 6.75” 2” 2” 13.5 11” 7.25” 9.87”


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