Sonus Trim & Motor Kote 16.9 oz Bottle

Sonus Trim & Motor Kote 16.9 oz Bottle

Part Number : SON-720
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  • Protects engines against corrosion
  • Designed for high temperature applications
  • Beautifies and protects plastic cladding, rockers and valences
  • Outperforms all silicone gels, sprays and creams
  • Dries to a satin, dust resistant finish
  • Boosted by Polycharger® for durable, long-lasting protection


Sonus Trim & Motor Kote protects all surfaces under the hood. It is an easy-to-apply acrylic wax coating that protects textured plastic, rubber, cast aluminum, vinyl and paint. Designed for high temperature applications, Sonus Trim & Motor Kote withstands 240-to-280 degree temperatures for extended periods, making it the perfect wax coating for your engine, bed liner and other exposed black plastic trim. Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is resistant to water and road salts. Use as an undercarriage dressing to beautify and protect. Sonus Trim & Motor Kote restores a fresh, new appearance when applied to clean wheel well liners or painted undercarriage areas. Use on plastic rocker panels and under-bumper valences for protection that lasts weeks (unlike silicone dressings and protectants which wash off after a few days)! Sonus Trim & Motor Kote is a spray-on, walk-away acrylic wax sealant. Unlike most dressings, Trim & Motor Kote penetrates, bonds and dries hard to completely protect the surface.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry engine or trim to be treated.
  • For longer lasting protection use Sonus Total Eclipe before applying Sonus Trim & Motor Kote
  • Spray 2 light coats allowing 20-30 minutes of drying time between coats.
  • Allow 1 hour final drying time before use.
  • Remove overspray with a damp towel before product dries.
Note: Not recommended as a tire dressing. For exterior vehicle use only.
  • Plastic rocker panels
  • Under-bumper valences
  • Engine
  • Plastic trim
  • Wheel well liners
  • Vinyl, plastic and rubber
Product Weights(lbs) Product Height Product Width Product Depth Case Weights(lbs) Case Height Case Width Case Depth
1.1 9.5” 3.5” 1.75” 13.5 11” 7.25” 9.87”


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